Location: Reykjavík

This morning we woke up and ate some quality breakfast and made our lunches for the afternoon. Then we headed to the beach to clean up the coastal village of Grindavik. On the way, Birna, our service partner from the Blue Army, explained the problem of plastics polluting our oceans. We then hopped out of the car and smelled the sea breeze and headed off to the beach to pick up all the chunks of debris washed ashore and embedded in the rocks on the beach. We ended up collecting 640kg of trash in about 2 hours. A few of us had a chance to talk to Tommi, the founder of the Blue Army, which was really special. Both Tommi and Birna were extremely knowledgeable and friendly. At the end of service, we were surprised by our counselors with our favorite Icelandic drink, Appelsin. Then we headed to the town to explore the local swimming pool. On the way to dinner, we cruised down the main street of downtown Reykjavik and ran into an American street performer who featured me in his performance. For dinner we grabbed some great fish and chips and recapped our service projects throughout the trip.

Your favorite street performer,

Jack Chilson