Location: Cusco, Peru

Our day began with a wonderful breakfast of eggs, tea, bread, and a lot of laughter! We had a chance to explore the magnificent city of Cuzco; our fellow teammates bought souvenirs and tasty Peruvian delicacies. The team then went on their independent explorations of the city. We returned to our hostel around 1 p.m. for rest and reorganization. The group embarked on a tour of Saqsaywaman (sexy woman) and marveled at its beauty and its abundant history. Afterward, we had the chance to ride horses through Peru’s countryside. As the guide said, “Bad for the crotch good for the soul.” and man was he right! After a long but productive and exciting day. We returned to hostel Rezbalosa for dinner and discussion. Shout outs to Shelter Island, Susan Binder and Yoga Master Heidi!!!!!!