Location: Manuel Antonio


Day two of our trip begun with an incredibly early 6:30 wake up. After a breakfast consisting of rice, beans, fried plantains, pancakes and a slew of other food, we packed our bags and headed for the west coast of Costa Rica.  After a brief hour drive, we took a pit stop at a small shop next to a bridge. We briefly browsed the shelves, occasionally purchasing a Costa Rican trinket. We proceeded to walk across the bridge, observing dozens of crocodiles directly below our feet. We then continued our voyage across the country, eventually arriving at our final destination, the beach.  During our time there, we swam in the ocean, went body surfing and had chicken fights.  After our stay, we headed to the hotel where we ate dinner and went late night swimming until curfew. Though we didn’t visit any of the impoverished areas, we remained awe stricken by the intense poverty we had witness. We are all very excited to see what happens in the future and interact with the Costa Rican natives. Live in the moment.