Location: Beijing

This morning we arrived in Beijing from Baotou. With us, we had four nannies from the orphanage and 13 children. They were all coming to Beijing for eye and doctor appointments. After we arrived in Beijing, we helped the nannies and children onto a van before we headed off to Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City. Once we arrived, we learned more about the background of both places and walked around the square before entering the Forbidden City. While in the city, we were able to see where the Emperor of China once lived. Both the Square and the city were eye-opening and incredible sites to see. After the Forbidden City, we headed off to lunch. It was a place recommended by our driver. Lunch was more traditional Chinese food. Once we had finished lunch, we headed off to our hotel. We got our new roommates and room assignments before heading out into the city. Most of us decided to explore the neighboring streets. Walking around, we found small convenient stores, 2 jewelry malls, with five levels each, wonderful bakery entitled Daddy’s Sweety Toast. [Yes, Sweety is supposed to be spelled this way] There we got teas and other drinks, but we did not get any bread. We do hope to get some before we leave tomorrow. After we headed back to the hotel and played cards before dinner. We gathered for dinner around 6:15, and all walked to Houhai. There we found hand knitted animals, knitted Plants vs. Zombies and many other things along the lakeside. Once we finished our little shopping, we continued to a bridge, and on the other side, we found many restaurants. The leaders allowed the students to pick both the restaurant and what was ordered. When dinner was over, we enjoyed the China nightlife on our walk back to the hotel.