Location: Vixen Point, North Sound Virgin Gorda

Waking up in the morning is always a hassle, hearing that alarm always mean that you are the special person who gets to run around the boat and wake everyone up and it normally it also means that no one will listen to you. After some time waking everyone up we finally ate breakfast, cleaned up and got ready for Ronald and his assistant Sasha from the National Park Trust to board our boat. Today was another trash day, but it was different because we tallied every single piece of trash we picked up. This job was eye-opening, it showed us how much trash, 16 large garbage bags and a couple of broken boat piece, you can pick up in just two and a half hours. After the beach clean we hopped aboard to go to Leverick. Driving the boat was scary enough but when our port side anchor failed it was so much more difficult. We tied Smoke, our faithful dinghy, up to the port side and he worked hard to be our port engine til we got out of the anchorage. We motored for about two hours and when we arrived the beach was filled with ActionQuesters. We were so excited to join in and enjoy the sun that our anchors got stuck around each other and we were in quite a pickle. Thankfully, at that time our port engine was back in full force, and with our strong anchor crew, we pulled through and finally it was dance time. The dance and BBQ were located on this beautiful white beach with crystal blue ocean. It was a little awkward arriving because Lifeworks does not have lots of activities with ActionQuest, but when the music started, it was a whole different story. All in all, today was a great day, we learned a lot of new things about trash, and we enjoyed dancing. I can’t wait to see what these next few days bring to the table!