Location: Anegada

Today was pretty awesome. Anyone who was on a boat that caught a turtle yesterday spent their day at the Rock Iguana Headstart Facility. I don’t know much about what they did there except that they rebuilt iguana cages. I was not on a boat that caught a turtle yesterday, so I went back to the Old Anegada Yacht Harbor to try again. I didn’t get on a boat to turtle in the morning, but it was still a good time because both of the first two boats that went out caught turtles. Watching and helping take measurements of the two green turtles was interesting, but I think that about everything involving turtles because I love them. After that two or three more boats went out and caught one more hawksbill turtle. The hawksbill turtle was different because he was already tagged with both a PIT tag and a flipper tag. Later, we found out Lifeworks had tagged the turtle a few years ago, and its name was Cookie Dough. Cookie Dough was also different because his front right flipper was deformed and he had a small hole in his back left flipper. I did not get a chance to go turtling today because it started thundering and raining on and off around the time the last turtle was caught. I was a little bit disappointed by that but not for long because I got to go out on the boat and help release two of the turtles, Cookie Dough and a green turtle who was named Bubbles. The rest of the day was mostly sheared time, and we watched a documentary on the life of loggerhead turtles. The day ended well with thanksgiving for dinner. We all ate too much and I, of course, asked what everyone was thankful for as our squeeze question. It ended up feeling pretty similar to actual thanksgiving except I’m pretty sure we ate chicken instead of turkey.