Location: La Carpio

Today we woke up at 8 am at our host family’s houses. We all ate toast and eggs or pinto (rice and beans) & pancakes. Of course, there was also some fruit because the fruit here is amazing and plentiful. We got dressed and gave over our laundry to the kind and caring mothers of our host families. Then we walked to Gail’s house where Anna and Evan are staying to collect shovels and craft boxes for our upcoming activities. In the bus, we sang Moana songs and our favorite Despacito. We also talked a ton about our host families, and then we arrived at La Carpio. We then started our community service for the day. We started by buying vegetables. Each one of us ordered one of the vegetables to practice our Spanish. We then peeled and cut them to later throw them into a giant vegetable soup for the soup kitchen in La Carpio. We also chopped up some chicken to add to the mix. While the soup was boiling, we walked over to the small festival nearby run by the United Nations Organization for Immigration. Some of us played soccer with the kids, and others watched the skits and dances put on by the La Carpio community. Then we came back to have lunch before round 2 of community service. We then went to the soup kitchen where we served food to La Carpio. Most of the people there are unable to afford food daily so by doing this it made us feel happy and accomplished. Then we came back to the house, and we talked about the day for a bit. We then played a fun heated debate game involving education/environment/youth and other topics. Now we are headed to our host houses to hang out, eat some dinner, and get ready for tomorrow!