Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

This Saturday I awoke anchored by an island named Marina Cay. My morning began as soon as Elliot, our skipper, woke me up at 7:30, which was quite nice opposed to our usual 6:30 wake up call. As skipper, it was my duty to wake up the chefs and get the morning started. Once our chefs had begun making delicious french toast for breakfast, we found out our staff had a surprise! Our staff members got some Pico sails, wakeboards, waterskis, and kneeboards. We were all overjoyed to hear that today was a fun day! A whole day to ourselves to do whatever we wanted seemed more than exciting and needed. After we got all the equipment loaded on the boat and the dishes from breakfast cleaned up, I was called up to the helm to begin my sail to Muskmelon Bay. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I was more than nervous when attempting to maneuver past the maze of boats ahead of me while trying not to get too close to the shore. The sail, although not very long, was quite enjoyable. I appreciated the opportunity and confidence instilled within me when I drove the boat. Once we arrived at Muskmelon Bay, I was confronted with another difficult task. I was told we were going to raft with Grins, the other Lifeworks boat. So I would have to sail towards them and then turn quickly so that our boat would end up parallel to theirs. I freaked out for a minute, but Elliot’s reassurance helped me pull it off successfully. Once we were rafted up to Grins, the real fun began. We were taken out in three different groups on dinghies to see Long Point, which was a cliffy area on Iguana island that had these cool birds named Brown Footed Boobies all over. The birds and cliffs were cool to see because we were told that during winter the waves would end up reaching the top of the cliffs where all the vegetation was. I enjoyed seeing the long point, but the ride back on the dinghy was the best part of that.

Elliot drove super fast, and we bounced every time we hit a wave. It felt just like a water ride, but with awesome scenery to enjoy. When we got back to our boats, everyone dispersed and began whichever activity they preferred. Some went on the Pico boats and attempted to sail them, while groups of three or four were taken out to wakeboard, kneeboard or water ski. I went out with Eliott and my shipmates Jamie and Meera. I’ve always wanted to try wakeboarding, but I failed to anticipate how difficult it would be. I tried time and time again to stand up on the board while the boat pulled me, but I probably face planted into the water at least ten times before I finally stood up. I was only up for about a few seconds, but it was rewarding none the less. Wakeboarding was awesome, and it’s one of the many things I’ve experienced on this trip that I hope to do again sometime. The rest of the day was filled with relaxing, Pico races between our skippers and a delicious dinner of rice and chili. To top all of that off, we had brownie cookies for dessert. Overall calling today fun day was an understatement, to say the least.