Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Waking up to the wafts of French toast radiating from the kitchen, I knew today was going to be good. We were to visit the shores of Peter Island comparing the new resort to the simple dwellings of a man named Conrad and his family; sadly, Conrad passed away earlier this month. Conrad was a man who found great joy and peace in the natural earth and all it has to offer. Unfortunately, not so long ago a resort was built on the island making clear-cut differences between lifestyles. We were exploring the new resort where we were read a story that really made us think about what is truly important in life. We are mostly caught up in the material world and can forget about what things actually make us happy. This is what Conrad stood for as a man of values. We saw this attitude reflected in his second cousin Therman as we helped clean out Conrad’s house and repair his land. Spending this time on Peter Island was extremely eye opening because we realized how much we take for granted in comparison to what most of the world appreciates. Departing Great Harbor Peter we were swept up in a sailing race against other ActionQuest vessels. As an unofficial racing boat, we were all having a great time trying our best to beat the competing boats. As the skipper of the day, and having never driven before, I found this race to be intensely amusing as I maneuvered the crew to the finish line at Norman Island. To end an exciting day, we all reconvened round the dinner table sharing our favorite moments of the day passed and reflecting over the trip as a whole, knowing our time together is almost up and preparing ourselves for the best last day to come.