Location: Cabinas Ballenas

Hey, it’s Raquel and Zoe!!!! The group is out here in Southwestern Costa Rica, and we are having an amazing time! We woke up this morning around eight at the Mono Azul Beach Hotel, as breakfast was scheduled for eight thirty, and enjoyed eggs, pancakes, and the ever classic and traditional Gallo Pinto (rice and beans). After breakfast, we boarded the bus and drove even further west, a drive of about an hour, to a beautiful cascading waterfall where we swam for a couple of hours. Some of us climbed up the rocks next to the waterfall and jumped off, and some of us slid down the rocks and scraped their knees (@Raquel). Everyone is fine, and no one died. After Raquel’s near-death experience (just kidding mom), we headed for our next destination and hotel for tonight, the Cabinas Ballenas. After the group took showers at the hotel, we reloaded the bus and went to a nearby school where we were to play with young students. Funny story, it’s Saturday, so there wasn’t a single child present for us to play with. The group sat down for a discussion with Gail regarding the art project we were about to complete: we were to find a rock and decorate the rock with articles of nature to portray to the students of the school what resourcefulness looks like. We split up into pairs and walked up and down the street looking for rocks and facets of nature to decorate our rocks with: we used flowers (some of which were taken from a church garden without permission), leaves, pebbles, and twigs, in addition to glue. We came back to the hotel and swam for four hours.