Location: Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda

We awoke this morning to the sound of several chickens and goats who collectively decided that 4 o’clock was a good time to throw a party in West End. Our early start was not to go to waste, however: we took advantage of the time to have a relaxed breakfast and do some last minute shopping at the grocery store.  Mikes dock talk, a general orientation for the program, preceded our departure. Today was a beautiful day for sailing, with a steady, powerful wind to move us along. Once we entered the Channel, we raised the sail and started sailing. Our superior skills and style points (which are both earned by, and redeemed for, style- well thought out Elliot) allowed us to overtake our catamaran counterparts on AQ Dive Side. We enjoyed a lunch and brief swim off the shore of Salt Island before heading for Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda, to dock for the night and wait out the approaching weather. Tonight we are going to have a Lifeworks Orientation. It’s been great so far and were all excited to see what tomorrow brings.