Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today we hiked up Spyglass Mountain. It was a short but difficult hike to the top, some people took 15 minutes to hike, but others took 30 minutes. The top of the mountain was rocky, and the view was nice. After the hike, we had a nice breakfast with blueberry muffin cake. Then I had to clean bird poop off of dinghies. After that, we swam for a while before sailing to Virgin Gorda. I drove the boat for a little bit with Beezie and David. Then I went to the deck with Lara, Allie, and Lili. Zach and Lara had a competition to take our lines of the mooring ball, and Lara won. Once we got there, we swam and showered in the ocean. And then Zach snorkeled around the boat. And the then we learned how to tie knots for evening activities.