Location: Long Bay, Beef Island

Today has been a superb day, like every day. This morning we did our best to help the environment, picking up trash around an old Copper Mine and a beach nearby. It was great feeling useful. Climbing all the rocks around the Copper Mine was very fun but we had to be careful not to fall! To get to the beach we had to walk under the sun which was bright and hot. Finally, we did a good job; a lot of trash had been picked up. After this tiring morning, we took our lunch before beginning to clean the boat. Around 2 pm we sailed to our final place for today; Long Bay near Beef Island. It was very exciting to drive the boat with Elliot. We put up the jib sail, but in the end, there was no wind. At the end of the sail, we had to connect our boat with Grins, which was very stressful for me because it’s something I’ve never done before but it was an excellent experience! We finished our night by Torin making delicious garden burgers with pineapple for dinner and had cookies for dessert. Another end to a great day…!