Location: La Finca y Cafe Factoria

Hola! Buenos Dias! Es Emme y Zoe! Today we departed at 9 am for La Finca! This was a refreshing change of scenery. La Finca is a home away from home for the people of La Carpio. It is a piece of land that was donated to the Costa Rican Humanitarian Foundation by local Costa Rican families. People have the opportunity to play basketball, swim, eat fresh fruits and vegetables grown from the garden, and enjoy nature. When we arrived, we broke up into three groups. Four of us went with Francisco to build a greenhouse, three of us went with Pedro to plant avocado trees and weed the garden, and then two of us planted flowers around the area. It was hard work, but worth it. 

After a hot days work, we jumped into the pool and lounged around for a little while until our local Costa Rican pizza arrived. We struggled to keep the cheese on the pizza, but it was still scrumptious. When we were done, we walked up the slippery slope towards the bus. Henry, the bus driver, took us to a Coffee Factory where we saw beautiful butterflies and plants. We learned how coffee was grown, processed, peeled, and dried. Afterward, we got to taste test the coffee and even take some home! We drove home in the rain, and ended the night with some drumsticks and ice cream!! We ended the night packing and patiently awaiting the exciting week ahead!