Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Our day began with a wake-up call in what most would call the middle of the night, 5:30. We motored to our dock in the Virgin Gorda, dropped anchor and began our trek to the Valley Day School, to which we returned to complete the work we began on Saturday. Today’s work consisted of sanding, painting and clearing brush at the school. A “Barney” influenced paint scheme was decided upon, and we got to work applying mint green and purple highlights to the entirety of the school. After the brunt of the work was completed in painting the crew broke out into two teams, one, dubbed “The dirt crew,” was tasked with clearing all the previously cut brush into the dumpster on site. It was dirty, sweaty and smelly but the turnout was better than any of us have imagined. The other team was named the “super awesome color paint crew,” they were given five different colors of bright, eye-catching paint and were responsible for the creative painting of all of the separate structures on the campus of Valley Day. After all, was said and done we had managed to completely transform Valley Day in its entirety. The word that could be used to describe the new Valley Day is happy as opposed to the previous run down the cool colored campus. 

  P.S. Hello to my family: Mom, Dad, Matthew, Bryan, Maggie and my girlfriend, Becca. I’m having a great time, and I’ll see you guys in 13 days.