Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

This morning was a very special morning. We all woke up to the smell of french toast being cooked by the staff of our boat. It was special because this was one of the mornings where we didn’t have to get up early for a morning program. It was sweet bliss to be able to wake up to my alarm, and not to the sound of our morning playlist blaring in my ears. Our breakfast lasted for about half an hour, after which we started the trip down to Savannah Bay. About five minutes after we arrived at the bay, rain began to fall. At first, we brushed it off, thinking it wouldn’t amount to much because of the way it had rained in the past, but suddenly, it began to pour. The rain lasted for about a half an hour, during which we swam in the water, played loud (appropriate) music, and had a dance off with the other boat, which we won. The rain had stopped, and we had cleaned our boat for probably the fifteenth time this week before we headed to shore on our favorite dingy, Stealth. Once everyone was on the shore, we took a to a rocky beach where we participated in a beach cleanup. After we cleaned up, we headed back to the shore of Savannah Bay and motored back to the boat. Cleaning up the boat happened again because the staff complained about the state the boat was in, and we left for Vixon Point and the barbecue dance party that was to follow. So far so good from the BVIs, until next time.