Location: Rios Tropicales

Today we started it out with the sunrise and woke up at 5 am just to see it. We walked down to the black sand beach by our hotel, and it was amazing. The ocean was low tide so we could walk out far. We walked around on the beach for a bit and found three dogs that accompanied us for a while. They were super cute. We had eggs, toast, and coffee for breakfast before leaving to Rios Tropicales for our rafting trip. On the bus ride to the river, we were taught safety rules. When we arrived, we were split into two groups. The Zoe, Esti, Raquel, Emme, Lucy, Laura and Mia were together on one raft and Coleby, Anna and Evan were on the other raft. Our guide was Johnny who had 23 years of experience. We rafted levels 1-2 for 6 miles until we rested at the lodge on the mountain near the river. We had a lunch of sandwiches and fruit with chips and salsa. We settled into our rooms and went for a short walk to a waterfall. We swam there for hours and explored the area. There was a fallen log that we all used to jump off of, and it was a ton of fun. During our free time, we relaxed in the comfy hammocks overlooking the river. After dinner, we had our first Go Beyond forum and discussed some very relevant questions about economic status about tourism. After a long sweet talk, a few of us chilled on the hammocks a bit longer listening to the sounds of the river. Just kidding, the cicadas in the trees were crazy loud, and they never stop making noise, so that’s what we heard mostly. After that, we all went to bed and slept well. Good night! Tune in to our next log tomorrow! (Also, there’s an extra pic on here from when we crossed the river in a truck!)