Location: Anegada

After a long night at the beach BBQ with all of AQ and Lifeworks, we were all very tired in the morning. Unfortunately, we had to wake up early and after a quick breakfast powered over to Leverick Bay where we had a chance to top up on snacks and attempt to access very unreliable WiFi. We then set off for a 15-mile sail from Virgin Gorda to Anegada. In the hands of Team Europe (Antoine and I) and Elliot, we made very good progress and hit a top speed of 9.4 knots (beating the other Lifeworks boat, Rangitoto Too). After lunch we were split up into 3 groups and were each allocated a 3 mile stretch of the beach to take part in the Anegada Garbage Hunt. The aim was to find certain plastics(a child’s toy, a household appliance, etc) and to collect all the type 1 plastic (water bottles) for recycling. We then headed back to the boat for an ocean shower and for Mexican Night. The dinner was a particular highlight during which Jack hypothesized about the intricate relationships between Kanye West, Illuminati, OJ Simpson and Tupac.