Location: Anegada

This morning started late as we all arose from our places of rest at around 7:00 am, which is quite a treat. It all began with a quick shore stop where we docked at Leverick Bay to fill up on fresh water and were able to call home. Once back on the boat we started our long journey to the coast of Anegada. I was able to take charge of driving the boat for the whole three-hour excursion which I enjoyed every minute of, especially when the boat reached its highest speed while sailing this session at ten knots! I don’t doubt this speed will be beaten as we have another thirteen days ahead of us. Once we reached the coast of Anegada, we anchored up and went to the shore by dingy where we were separated into three groups for the next two hours. Here on shore we visited four different beaches where we collected the seven various types of plastics which had been washed up along the beach. After this, we came back to the boat for the famous “Mexican Night” (which was awesome in my opinion). Altogether today was fantastic, and I enjoyed myself.

  P.S. I would like to say hello to my Mum, Dad, Alex and my girlfriend, Hattie. Miss you all loads and will see you all soon.