Location: Miami to Quito

Today was the travel day. We arrived at the airport in Miami sporadically, some came in groups, and some came alone, some drove to the airport, and some flew across the country to be there. However, we were all there for one reason, Ecuador. After our entire group (with the exception of 2 students from Greece), had gathered at the terminal, we made small talk and attempted to get to know each other. We boarded our jet at around 3, and we were supposed to take off at 3:30. At around 5:21 and 37 seconds (not that I was paying attention) we were informed that the plane was broken, and we needed to de-board the airplane. After another 20 minutes of waiting, we boarded the plane for the second time and then took off. While approaching Quito airport, we passed a flaming hill. After 4 hours, we arrived in Quito, exhausted but eager to experience something new. We walked into the van, arrived at our hotel, devoured a plate of rice and chicken, and then passed out in our beds.