Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was a very slow but educational working day. We woke up and had a quick breakfast made up of cheerios, frosted flakes and oatmeal. After cleaning our breakfast since state of the art, anchor puller was broken Parker, Gabe and I slaved through extreme hard manual labor lifting the anchor for at least twenty minutes but pulled through to go on a nice long sail in the morning. We then took a dingy and went to our second and third mangrove sight for around 2 hours, and we replanted and wrote down the statistics of all the mangroves that were there. After that, we continued back to the catamaran and tanned with the shipmates. We then did a short sail and went to dock in Road Town. Everybody had around two hours in port, but at first, everybody seemed to go to the main restaurant to eat extremely great food. After done eating we had about an hour left and got lots of extremely cheap snacks and by then it was time to get back on the boat. We then had an extremely calming long boat ride. We showed up to another harbor to do more mangrove-ing, and everybody got it done extremely quick, and it was rejuvenating to get back on the boat after a long day. We then took saltwater showers and had a very nice breakfast for dinner. Every person loved it so much and ate it so quickly. After dinner is when I started typing this, and as of now we are playing extremely amazing and loud Disney music that half the boat probably knows all the words too. While doing that Elliot is yelling at someone for buying a huge horrible wig and it was shedding all over the boat. This was the best day yet, praying for the upcoming days.