Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Greetings followers of the Go Beyond Blog! Julia here with another great day for the Firebolt crew. The day started with a tour of Copper Mine National Park. We climbed the rocks to get a great view of the waves (see pictures). However, our whimsical sightseeing was short-lived, as soon Elliott sent us off the pickup trash on a nearby beach. The beach cleanup proved to be a slightly more problematic task. Seven full garbage bags weren’t nearly enough to contain all the water bottles, gasoline containers, and Styrofoam, to name a few. After getting as much trash as possible, BZ taught us about the seven types of plastic. A lot of it doesn’t float on water, so what we found is only the things that washed up. It’s scary to think about how much trash is in our oceans, especially how much there must be that we can’t even see. All plastic that’s ever been created still exists in some form, whether it’s been recycled into a new product, sitting at the bottom of the ocean, in a landfill, or the form of chemicals in the atmosphere. Let this post be a good reminder to try to buy biodegradable products whenever possible, and always to recycle. After the beach cleanup, we had a nice lunch at the Chez Bamboo restaurant – and got access to Wi-Fi and phone use! You might have received a call from one of us! When we finished eating, we walked down to a chain of local shops before heading back onto the boat. After changing into our suits, we headed off for an entertaining afternoon at The Baths. The iconic location certainly lived up to its legacy and received a 10/10 from the Firebolt crew. Our first oopsie moments were brought to us by Alexis and Clay, who front flipped from the side of the rock and landed face-first into the water (alternatively). Fortunately, no one was injured – YET. Despite some shenanigans from Alek & Crew, the experience was thoroughly enjoyable for me and the rest of the crew. Many of us named it as our favorite moment of the day! Upon returning aboard, we took our first freshwater shower and enjoyed a meal underneath a beautiful sunset. A thought-provoking squeeze by yours truly ended the evening.

Signing off, this has been an update by Julia