Location: Dharamsala

The day began with a hearty, warm breakfast before saying bye to the Colonels Retreat. As we packed our bags, we started getting concerned about the weight limit allowed in our bags at the airport, since many of us had many heavy bags. In the end, everything was okay, and the weight was perfect, but some of us got scared and did not know what to do. After long wait playing cards in the waiting room at the airport, we boarded the plane. In the short flight, we all fell asleep, mostly because of the jet lag. When we arrived, we had a 1-hour ride from the airport to Dharamshala. After arriving, Rabsel taught us about Buddhism at the local monastery. When we arrived at our living quarters, we quickly got situated and headed on a 300 step hike to the local town. Although, while we were there it started raining, so, we ran to a local restaurant and ate some delicious, authentic Tibetan food. Little did we know that the restaurant was owned by our very own supervisor, Rabsel. After dinner, we received a packet with our itinerary, and then we headed back to the monastery. As we were going back to the inn, a monkey, which we decided to call DIABLO, growled at us. We then closed the day with icebreakers and card games.