Location: Marina Cay

Day 11 was filled with being lazy and going on adventures. We started the day off with some students making a clinic run. The rest of our boat had a later than usual morning with delicious pancakes for breakfast. After breakfast, the boats put on rash-guards, strapped on snorkeling gear and hopped in the water to look for turtles to tag. We didn’t get to tag any turtles, but once turtle tagging was over, the chefs of the day went to the galley to make the rest of the boat some quesadillas for lunch. After lunch was finished, the boat split into two groups: the students who would clean up and get ready to switch boats and the students that would go looking a venomous lionfish, sadly the lionfish was never caught. A little while later, we sailed to Marina Cay and got stocked up on water, and we all got dock time to call home, buy food, and prepare for dinner. Then we all ended the night with a gathering between Go Beyond and Action Quest.