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Location: Beijing, China

Hey guys!

So today was a double service day. Since we got to spend all day with babies and group home kids, we all were super excited! At first, I went to the baby home with Grace, Leonie, Leigh, Emily and Nathan. I spent time with one of the babies, Qian, chilling while watching the Teletubbies. Afterwards, Grace and I headed outside so the babies could experience some time in the sun. To pass time, Grace and I spent time tossing a ball with the happy babies. Later on, we all briefly returned upstairs to baby room 4. I played with a girl who SO REMINDS me of myself. She has a fake eye and when I put her to sleep before she slept with her eyes open. (Fun fact I sleep with my eyes open too lol). Leaving the Baby Home, we returned home for our yummy quesadillas for lunch. (SIDE NOTE, I must say that we are fed quite well here). LIFEWORKS FOR YA.

 Afterwards, we split up and I stayed at home to play with the group home kids. Greeted by the biggest smile and hug from one of my favorites, Alex, I quickly jumped into a game of Alex’s favorite sport, soccer. Another side note, one of the group home kids that we thought was a boy is in fact a girl! Then, Alex got all Tai-Chi master on me and got into a fighting match with Victor. I was scared. Later on,Alex, Mike, Nathan and I played soccer together for hours until it was time for them to go. Now, for tonight, we watched a documentary on some old Chinese village. It was interesting. I cried; Leonie fell asleep; Robin is horrified. Save us. Now we’re all in our rooms talking about carrots while packing for Ti-yuan. We may not update the blog for a while but I promise that we’re fine. Anyways, it’s time for our nightly ritual of zapping mosquitoes so I got to go. Talk to ya’ll soon!