Location: Beijing

Today I was the chef with Christabel. We made for lunch pasta with tomato sauce, which was pretty easy except opening the can with a can opener which I had some trouble with. On the plus side, I didn’t burn any food. We also made some garlic bread which was good, and I hope that the other campers thought so too. After lunch, I went with seven other kids to the group home. The group homes have kids who are 3 and older who live with foster parents in one big community. They are all really sweet kids.  Some of them are crazy, and some don’t talk at all. But once you start playing with them and pay attention to them, they warm up to you. A lot of the kids speak English, most of the other kids know English. We stayed there for at least 3 hours. At the end it was exhausting, but we had fun, and I think the kids had fun. Then we went back to the apartment and had really good Chinese food and a Lifeworks Forum.