Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

This morning we sailed from Beef Island to Nanny Cay Marina. We had french toast for breakfast which was a good break from cereal. All of us put our Lifeworks T-Shirts on and got ready to go to the dog show. There we started getting everything ready for the show, picking up trash, putting up banners and organizing things to sell. After that, we each did things like walking the dogs, face painting, selling DVDs and pastries, and filling up water bowls. We all loved playing with all the different dogs that came in. My favorite part was seeing the dogs dressed up in cute costumes for the contest. Another contest was the obstacle course which very few dogs could accomplish, but it was fun to look at. It was a great and original event to go help out with. After the dog show, we had a little bit of shore time where we went to the shops near us and walked around. When that was over, we came back to our boats and got ready to sail to Peter Island’s Great Harbor. We anchored there and joined both Lifeworks boats to have BBQ veggie burgers for dinner. Overall today was a fantastic day volunteering with dogs, furthering our bonds with the other boat, and helping out more as BVI volunteers. Keep reading the BVI blog to see more photos and stories from our trip!