Location: West End, Tortola

Early this morning, we got ready, leaving Brewer’s Bay and heading back to our very first location, Westend. We anchored and headed to shore for a beach cleanup, breaking into small groups. We covered about a mile of space collecting different waste and plastic bottles. After finishing our cleanup, we had a short time on shore where we all went to the air-conditioned supermarket and grabbed some snacks before going underway again. Most of us spent the time relaxing – Olivia, Sadie, Emma, and I all slept while everyone else enjoyed an interesting conversation at the bow of the boat. Finally, after 3 hours, we docked at the marina in Rhode Town and started blasting the AC for the first time on the boat. Today was also the first day we didn’t swim in the ocean and instead took fresh water showers below deck. Rory and Luke made a delicious dinner for Mexican night, which we all devoured while talking about what we were looking forward to when we arrived home. To end the day, we all retreated to the cool inside of the boat, where Beth taught us how to make Turk’s head anklets before we all happily fell into a comfortable sleep in the AC.

– Natalia