Location: China

Today began with a breakfast of cereal, toast, and milk in bags. After breakfast we split into our daily rotations for the first time, some going once again to the baby home and others to visit the group home for the first time. After a few hours of either care for the babies or interaction with the group home kids, we all had quite a bit of fun and many good memories. The chefs of the day had prepared vegetarian tacos which were enjoyed after the service portion of the day was done. Having just finished lunch we headed to a small street in Beijing, filled with vendors selling everything from seahorses to scorpions. From there we went to a temple in Beijing and witnessed an amazing drum performance. After a little more walking around some very traditional streets, we had dinner. Dinner consisted of some of the worlds best dumplings among other traditional Chinese food. We finished the day by fighting our way onto the Beijing subway for an enjoyable ride home, finally arriving at the hotel for some well-needed rest.