Location: Marina Cay

Today we had a relaxing morning. We woke up on a beach that we had all to ourselves and was so peaceful and amazing. We hung out on top of the boat under the beautiful morning sky while BZ made us chocolate chip pancakes. After everyone was stuffed from breakfast, we sailed from Anegada to Tortola. I got to drive the boat the whole way, and even though my arms will be sore, it was totally worth it, especially because we beat Ewak. Once we arrived, we had shore time where we got our phones and were able to buy snacks. We came back to the boats and had our trash scavenger hunt debate. On day 7, when we walked 5 miles, we went down a checklist and found specific kinds of trash. Today each team debated why theirs was the best while Rebuilding Island Life students got to vote. My team lost 🙁 We sailed a short distance to our anchorage for the night with all of the other ActionQuest boats. Showering felt so good, and the water is so clear and beautiful. After dinner, all of the boats individually listen to a podcast/audiobook, but we don’t know what it’s about yet. Sending love home to Baltimore, I miss you, Mom and Ben. I’m really excited for tomorrow because it’s our fun day. I can’t wait for water skiing, wakeboarding, and quesadillas!!