Location: Dharamsala

Today started with an early morning wake up at 8:20. Despite the alarm’s loudest efforts, two people overslept. We walked up the hill to have breakfast at Common ground, where the two sleepers arrived a solid fifteen minutes late. The discussion we had the night before had put them out, I suppose. Still, one girl has now gotten one step further on the path to enlightenment, so the sleeping was worth it. We spent two hours with our learning partners, in which many of us went to a cafe and practiced English with them through reading easy books, playing games, and going through vocabulary. After we said a heartbreaking farewell to our learning partners, never to see them again (for the next twenty-four hours), we ate lunch at Common ground and played a few rounds of Xtreme Bananagrams, or as I like to call it, “Extremely Judgmental Word Police from a Banana Bag.” It’s the best game in existence, trust me. Then, we had a shortened class at Men-Tsee-Khang in which we played Screaming Pictionary for an hour. It’s like Pictionary, but with screaming. Lots of screaming. Then, we had a couple of hours to shop and catch up with our journals before going to a meditation class. Nobody agreed with the instructor. Then we went to dinner and had a highly educated conversation about memes. I’d never felt more enlightened. Finally, we finished off the day with an intelligent discussion about the first full body transplant to be performed on a living human being, supposedly by the end of next year.