Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today we woke up early and got ready for the day. We took a dinghy to the shore and then got in a big open-air taxi. From there, we rode to the Copper Mine. After a scenic ride, we finally arrived at the national park. From there, we started to walk and climb down the rocks to get a better view of the ocean’s big waves and to climb on the lower rocks. These big boulders were so fun to climb and explore. Some of the rocks had greenish coloring from the rusted copper. After picking up the trash there, we walked to the beach. Here we picked up as much trash as we could in our time spent there. While eating a quick snack, we learned about the seven types of plastic and how plastic impacts the environment. After the taxi ride back, we sailed to the dock at Spanish town. From here, we explored the town and ate lunch. After this, we sailed to The Baths, and a dinghy took us towards the shore. The dinghy took us as close as they could then we swam to shore. We walked through the caves and even jumped off a ledge into the water. Once we exited the caves, we swam in the water and played games. A dinghy picked us up, and we returned to the boat and showered. We had dinner and then we enjoyed the evening.