Location: West End, Tortola

We woke up to an early sunrise on Norman Island this morning with the chirps of the birds. Our plan for the morning was a hike to the top of Spy Glass Hill, a historic spot rumored to have been crossed upon by Black Beard himself. We walked the treacherous hike with some minor injuries but got there all okay. Once we arrived, the two boats and their staff took about 45 minutes to reflect on an activity that had us all think about a negative and positive we found out about ourselves or got out of the 17-day trip. We finished the special time between the 30 of us and started our trip back to home base — West End, Tortola where our journey had begun on July 29th. While sailing for our very last time, the Big Clean was well underway. With Gwen as the captain and playing absolutely no games, we knew it was time to clean. The boat had made it, and we had turned our gross boat with 14 teenagers on it into a brand new one. Dinghy land was just around the corner where we took about an hour to pack up the program dinghies. We finished at dinghy land and had some free time where I had pizza for the first time in three weeks. During the evening we all shared one last BBQ and took in our final night in the BVI. The past 17 days here has changed me as a person. It teaches you to become more independent and forcing you to adapt quickly to its living quarters and daily schedule because we don’t slow down for anybody. The qualities I have developed, and the people I’ve met throughout this trip will create lifelong memories and lessons. Thank you GoBeyond and ActionQuest for the unforgettable journey.