Location: Anegada

We started the day off by listening to a motivational speech written and spoken by a former Navy Seal and learned that starting your day off by making your bed is the easiest way to feel accomplished. Morgan and Shaila cooked eggs for breakfast, and we enjoyed Frosted Flakes as well. Shannon, a Turtle Tagger, came to speak to us before we personally went out tagging. She told us all about turtles around Anegada and how to catch and tag them. After taking the dingy to shore, we all managed to squeeze into the back of a truck and make our way to the opposite side of the island. We saw flamingos, goats, cows, and donkeys on the ride over. Chris and Griffin helped Benzie and Rylie attempt to set up the tent for shade. However, it ended up breaking completely. Shaila, Morgan, Liam, and Lily set out snorkeling to find some turtles. We didn’t find any at all, which was disappointing, but we did see some reefs and sea urchins. Once returning to the beach, Elle and Anna B. told us how they saw thirteen nurse sharks while walking the beach. Hannah and Elle set out to try and find turtles afterward but didn’t see any either. Instead, they saw a sea snake and a nurse shark swimming right by Hannah (Elle didn’t tell her until after, though… probably for the best). When it was time to leave the beach, Griffin was nowhere to be seen. Rylie eventually found him—all was good, as Griffin was just very determined to find a turtle. We hopped back into the back of the truck, disappointed, but took a quick detour to a nearby fishing spot. There we found a surprise turtle waiting for us, and Shannon tagged him in front of us. Elle named him Hank. Feeling excited, we returned to the small town and decided to spend the rest of the day on shore. Annie took us to the mini market, where we got snacks for our cabins. Lily decided to be adventurous and get Guava Wafers; everyone said it would be disgusting. However, everyone tried them, and they were to die for. Afterward, we went to a local gift shop, and the majority of us got Anegada t-shirts. After shopping, we stayed at the beach restaurant for a while. There, Anna S., Surya, and Shaila got diet cokes and Shirley Temples from the beach bar. Avah and Shaila were lucky because the waiter thought they were nice, so he gave them their drinks for free. Anna B. and Liam were swinging on the water swings when Lily and Elle noticed nurse sharks were swimming directly behind them. Although slightly scaring them, everyone returned happy and safe. After finally returning to the boat, we took ocean showers and got ready for dinner. The day was spent talking in a southern accent, with Surya at the forefront of this conversation. Hearing her speak in her normal voice sounds weird now because we are so used to her southern charm accent. While writing this, Hannah, Shaila, Morgan, Elle, and I (Lily) are journaling and singing to music on the playlist we created.

I miss you, Lauren and Alice!! Love you all; love Lily