Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Hi guys, my name is Stella, and I am the skipper. Currently, I’m excited to sleep after a long and eventful day in the BVI. We started the morning with a breakfast handcrafted by our chefs, Nicole and Emma, consisting of fried and scrambled eggs, toast, and cantaloupe. Something that I learned on this trip is that crushed red pepper tastes good with EVERYTHING. After breakfast, we attempted to finish the last of our sea turtle tagging videos, which were very laggy. Then, we rode off on the dinghy to a nearby reef to search for sea turtles we could grab and tag. Although we were unsuccessful today, we did, in fact, have a wonderful time observing stingrays, the vibrant coral, and a mean jellyfish that decided to sting Luke (He is okay and healing wonderfully).

When we arrived on our boat, we were shocked to see our counselor, Chris, with a brand new haircut. He somehow looks even cooler now. Our lunch was a classic grilled cheese with Italian seasoning. After doing the dishes, we set sail to a new town where we finally got to shop and get a taste of the exquisite culture in the BVI. There were two main shops that our group of 12 hungry and needy teenagers raided. The items bought were mainly snacks, clothes, and jewelry. After our 30 minutes of shopping was up, we went back to the boat, where we were met with another surprise: the chance to talk to our wonderful friends and family. We miss you all so much, and hearing your voices was better than any touristy souvenir bought. The fun didn’t stop there. We dressed in our nicest clothes and went to a beach party with the other 100-ish kids on similar ActionQuest journeys. There were Virgin Daiquiris of many flavors served, burgers, pulled pork, lemonade, salad, and other scrumptious food served. Finally, we danced our brains out on the dance floor. Today was a tiring but enjoyable day, and I can’t wait to sleep.

– Stella