Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today was our first full day on the boat here in the BVI. We started our day off with eating cereal for breakfast, and then we had a meeting on the docks where Mike the director talked to us about the purposes of GoBeyond and ActionQuest, and what lies ahead. He talked about health, hygiene, and hydration. We then set sail for the first time to Norman Island and anchored near the coast. I was the skipper and steered the boat, and we had plenty of sandwiches for lunch. After we took the swim test and treaded water for 5 minutes, we took two dinghies to the Caves and went snorkeling. We saw a lot of fish, including squids, a lobster, and a Moray Eel under a rock at the bottom. We explored the Caves and David took group photos underwater. After we came back to the boat, we saw a huge barracuda. We found cards and played a very competitive game of B.S. We had Sloppy Joe’s for dinner and we are about to go over to the other boat for a talk about the community service projects we are doing during the program.