Location: The Bight, Norman Island

This morning when we woke up in paradise everyone was as excited as we can be at 6:30 and ate a breakfast of cereal with milk from a box and got ready for a dock chat with the director, Mike, and we went over the critical issue of using the heads (toilets) on the boat and what the different programs represent and came back to our boat the Portlandia to prepare for our first sail to Norman Island. After a quick lesson on winches, we cast off! So exciting! Everyone got a job assignment from the job wheel, and I got skipper for the beautiful sail. After a little struggle with getting the mooring ball with a deck broom (due to a bit of mishap with the boat hook that broke the end off) we all hopped in the water for a short swim test and a quick dinghy ride to the caves to do some pretty excellent snorkeling to look at colorful coral and some curious fish. After we returned to the boat, we all had a salt water shower off the back of the boat and got into our comfy clothes for some down time around the boat. After we ate our dinner of Sloppy Joe’s, mashed potatoes, salad, and corn, we did a squeeze question where the skipper (me) asks a question for everyone to go around the circle and answer along with stating our favorite part of the day. Tonight’s question was “What would be your perfect moment?” After dinner and cleanup, we went over to our sister boat in the go beyond program to meet some of the other students and talk about what we should expect in the coming week. So far, I’m pretty excited to venture out into this beautiful place to do some good with some awesome crewmates.