Location: BVI

Today we awoke in Trellis Bay and had a scrumptious breakfast of assorted cereals. While eating, we sat with anticipation while J-rob took a deep-sea dive of 14 feet to rescue our bucket, which had fallen deep down into the ocean. We did a quick cleanup which involved getting our dirty clothes onto shore to be washed, so our boat is not as stinky now. We jumped down onto Shadow (our dinghy) and ventured to land with a storm coming in behind us. Our group waited for the taxi to come to pick us up to take us to Good Moon Farm, where we would be spending our day. However, we had to leave Empanada (Em, our skipper) behind to fix our engine. Larry drove us 20 minutes far up into the hills. While driving, we could see Road Town, Monkey Point (where we spent the day yesterday) and many beautiful views. We arrived and met Aragorn, and he gave us a nice talk about what he does at the farm and about farm life. After, we split into two groups. The first group stayed in the shade cutting up mangos while the other group being my group, plucked weeds from some of Aragorn’s crops. We periodically switched groups so that we wouldn’t get as sunburnt as Eric and Trevor. We did our jobs from 9-12 until we sat down for some delectable PBandJ. During lunch, some people got creative with their sandwiches and made jelly on top of jelly with smashed saltines as sprinkles for the sandwich. Julia found this new sandwich very tasty for some reason. After lunch, we continued weeding and cutting mangos until 1:30, when Larry came to pick us up. We had a peaceful drive back to the boat with Sigi arguing about how good the floor mangos tasted. We arrived back at sea level and went to Aragorn’s Studio, where some of us bought some souvenirs. While waiting to get back to the dinghy, Dara told us we had 5 minutes to go to the store we had seen when we had first arrived. We sprinted for our lives to spend our remaining money on Pringles, chips, drinks, and other delicious packaged snack food from the local convenience store. We arrived back on Dallas Blonde to find our boat very clean, something we haven’t seen since the first day. However, we messed up the boat again almost instantly — and by we, I mean Trevor and his snacks. We sailed back to Mountain Point, which took 1.5 hours. When we arrived, we quickly got into bathing suits to shower. While waiting for dinner, some people hung out on the bow while others hung out on the hardtop. We had a great dinner of veggie burgers and mashed potatoes made by Callie and Sigi. We closed off the night with clean-up and watching the sunset turn the sky pink and orange. Happy birthday to Sam’s dad Gerry!