Location: Reykjavik

Kimmi and I awoke at the bright and early hour of 4:45 this morning and got ready to wake everyone up. We strolled through the hostel and knocked on the doors, and to our surprise, nearly everyone was awake and finishing their packing for the long travel day ahead. Renzo and I ate some cereal while everyone brought down their bags to the lobby, and from there, we went to the bus stop. After a 45-minute bus ride to the airport, we began to say our goodbyes and check in for our flights. Once through security, I got my second breakfast, and Leigh, Max, Emily, Ava, Ciara, and Kimmi got their first breakfasts. This trip and this group of students have taught me so much, and I am sad to see it end but happy to know that we’ve all formed so many great memories and learned about ourselves and the world together.