Location: Xi An

This morning, we woke up at 7 AM in Xi’an. We started the day with the nice breakfast buffet, the same as the day before. After eating, we packed up the van and got on the road again. It was about a 45-minute drive to our first stop, the Terracotta Warrior factory. This is where the little soldier souvenirs are made. We also looked around the large gift shop there. From there, we got an early lunch at a place called Farmers Hotel. (Traditional farmers of Xi’an style food.) Most of the food our tour guide Daniel ordered for us was foods we had never tried before, but it was still very yummy nonetheless. From there, we went to the actual site of where the Terracotta Warriors were buried. Daniel was such a good tour guide and explained everything well. We all got lots of pictures in front of the amazing sight, which is awesome too. It was also really cool to see that they were still in the process of uncovering new pieces of the different exhibits and still developing tools to do so. After seeing the warriors and the super cool museum that went along with it, we headed back to the van to head back to the train station. Not before stopping for dinner though, which was subway, and I think that everyone got that feeling of familiar Western food. On the van ride back, Daniel gave out a prize and selected its recipient at random. Chris won. There were no hard feelings about that! (lol maybe from me). Before actually leaving the train, we used We Chat to make friends in the train right next to ours. It was even one of their birthdays, so we sent a mandatory video of our family singing happy birthday to her. Technology these days, right? To pass the time, we had back massage trains (absolutely no kind of reaction from me) (massage trains on a train, crazy right?), ate, talked, I brushed Mom’s hair (still Evan guys), and made even more friends with little kids who came up to us. How cute. The overnight train back was loads of fun, just like a slumber party, but also really sad as we realized that it was our second to last night together. Our group has grown incredibly close, and it truly feels like a family I never want to leave behind. Next up, double service at Dew Drops! Take us home Rachel!!