Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Ahoy! This morning we spotted land at Leverick Bay after a breakfast of hearty oatmeal and cereal. As our crew walked onto this strange and undiscovered land, we found shops and real bathrooms to excite us before our real mission- turtling. Next, we motored to Deep Bay at Virgin Gorda and anchored to see if we could find the ancient and mysterious albino turtle. Before starting, we went over the official pirate protocol for tagging and measuring turtles for ARK, the association we have been working with to record and send data around the world. Soon enough, we were in the water, ready and armed for the mysterious albino legend. For a couple of hours, we were towed off the back of dinghies and dragged through the thick of it with only our snorkels to distinguish the seagrass from the huge Hawksbill turtle coming straight for us. In the end, however, no turtles were captured by the crew, and we moved onto a mock seagrass monitor. We went to the beach at Deep Bay and used miles of tape measure to practice our soon-to-be underwater version of monitoring and recording data. Lastly, we returned to Ewak, took saltwater showers (always our favorite part of the day) and are currently preparing for dinner- Veggie Burgers. Nothing but the best for the GoBeyond crew!