Location: Beijing, China

Va amenciendo, el sol saliendo

 ameneciendo conun foco encendiendo

Tantos sentimientos corriendo

Que confuncion

Sin ningun recuerdo

De lo que paso ayer

Son las 6 de la manana

Y todavia no recuerdo nada

Nisiquera que paso

Tan solo bailare una cancion

Sin saber los pasos

Tan solo qiero saber que paso ayer

Y como llege a este tren

Solo se que hay una senora que esta empacando sus cosas

Y mirandome como si me deveria de levantar

 Pasando lashoras imensas

Me puse a pensar


Tomando mucha agua

Como si no hubiera manana

Con el sol a mero arriba

Acabandome la agua

Con la nina

Cantando unas canciones de I love you

And you love me


We wanted to do something different, so we decided to write a song in Spanish and give it a little spice of our culture. We focused on specific events that we did today in a very broad way. In the first lines, we focused on our overnight train ride back to Beijing, which arrived two hours early and woke us up at six in the morning. We were very out of it and confused because we supposed our train would arrive at eight in the morning, so we included our confusion in the song as well as the train attendant that went by to awake us then after we included how we drank a lot of water throughout the entire day, as well as following events such as participating in a group home. Peter spoke about a specific event at the baby home when he sang with a little girl.