Location: West End, Tortola

We awoke already underway, sailing from the gorgeous secluded part of Guana Island where the mandatory fun day went down yesterday. At first, we were seriously dragging, sore from all the skiing and knee-boarding, sun-burned from our therapeutic tanning, and drained from such a thrilling trip thus far. However, this all changed as Elliot hopped into gear, pointed at a whiteboard full of breakfast options, and started taking orders. We all had amazing breakfasts. Each plate was personalized with a number of toppings, including everyone’s personal favorite: canned chili (Ewww). As the sun crept higher we set off on a hike up spyglass hill, the same hill we hiked at the beginning of the trip (it was no easier this time, but there were fewer slips!). It was exhausting, but the reflection that took place atop those boulders was honestly life-changing (ask us about the ugly rocks we threw and the pretty ones we kept when we get home). It was the perfect close to the interpersonal journey we started there ten days ago. Following our descent, we had mac n cheese for lunch and started the dreaded cleanup. I took excellent care of our cabin (which was the first to be deemed clean because my cabin is the best), while others worked on bagging food and scrubbing the floors and we set sail for Tortola. As soon as the marina where the whole trip began slipped into view, everything hit me pretty hard; I was such a different person when I saw this place the first time – or at the very least much cleaner (countdown to real showers begins now). Speaking of clean, we finished up the boat with one last thorough deckie job and called it quits. Dinner, which was fantastic, took place in the same restaurant where we had our chat on day two with Mike, the director of AQ. We had the coldest lemonade ever (it had ice in it y’all I can’t make this stuff up).