Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

For breakfast, this morning the chefs of the day made excellent pancakes. The rain finally ended this morning sometime during breakfast. After breakfast, we sailed to and around Guana Island and stopped in Muskmelon Bay to have a fun day off from community service. The first thing we did was go to the north side of the island in dinghies to see bird colonies, but the storm from last night had scared most of them off. After that, most people chose to do things like wakeboarding, and only one of us sailed in the small boat that was provided despite multiple opportunities to do so. Today I, as the one person who sailed, really enjoyed sailing in a Pico, the name of which reminds me of the Minish from the Legend of Zelda Minish cap who say pico a lot when you first meet them. Picos are, according to the label on the boat, a type of laser (the boat). I capsized the Pico 3 times. Of the two times, I sailed the Pico the first was more enjoyable because Hannah was with me and having company on a boat no matter the size is always more fun. One of the capsizes happened when Hannah was with me on the boat; the other two happened on my second use of the Pico. Between my two uses of the Pico, came lunch, which for me was around 2:00 but most people ate at a more reasonable time, as they were not too busy enjoying themselves sailing to eat. We had a dinner of chili, rice, and saltines.