Location: Ollantaytambo

Today we did a lot of cool stuff like painting, beekeeping, chocolate tasting, and chicha tasting. First, we visited a house where we received a tutorial on pottery and painting. We even got to try out the pottery wheel!

Then we moved on to the bee farm. The beekeeper told us about the farm and the bees. Then he let us hold the bees in our hands. Although it scared most of us, most of us tried it. The beekeeper told us that he had been stung around 3000 times in his life, but luckily, none of us got stung! After we held the bees, the man let us cut out some of the honeycombs, so we could try the fresh honey.

Once we finished placing orders for honey, we walked to the chocolate farm down the road. After the workers gave us a rundown of the chocolate making process, we got to explore their facilities. We then took some hot cocoa beans and put them in a grinder along with other ingredients to make a powdery dark chocolate brownie.

Everyone bought chocolate, and we walked to a house where they make chicha (a common Peruvian drink). As they explained all the different types of chicha, we got to sample all of them.

To end the day we walked to what seemed like the middle of nowhere. When we got there, it was a beautiful garden with a restaurant in the middle. We enjoyed a great meal together!