Location: Townsville

We began our day at 5:30 in the morning with one last breakfast on Eureka II, and then made our way to the bus terminal for the bus ride to Townsville. When we arrived, we got delicious Korean BBQ for lunch and visited Reef HQ, the aquarium in town. At the Aquarium, we saw many marine animals including the mantis shrimp and sea turtles. I especially enjoyed seeing those two animals, because we just recently learned about the mantis shrimp and we got to go to the turtle hospital and see all the turtles they have rescued and are rehabilitating. We even got to rub the shell of one of the large green turtles, apparently, they like having a back scratch just like we do!  I loved the walk back to the hostel after our long day, because the scenery was beautiful and made waking up early and the long bus ride worth it. I can’t wait to explore more of Townsville!