Location: Transit: Amazon to Quito

Upon arrival at the dock, we unloaded our belongings onto the bus that took us to the airport. The flight back to Quito was quick, and we had landed before we knew it. We stopped to eat lunch at the airport and went back to the Airport Garden Hotel.

At the hotel, we all turned in our incredibly dirty laundry into the sweet lady who ran the hotel who would wash all of it for us. While we waited for the laundry, some rested, some went for a swim, some showered, and others played basketball. After we all had time to ourselves, we met up for group soccer. Everyone had an incredible time as we all tried as hard as we could to outdo Devin and his team while Orlando, David, Tommy, myself, and others tried to make up the growing difference between our teams. Our team ended up with and 8-2 loss, but even with this, we all had a great time. After the game, we all went back to our rooms for showers or a jump in the pool.

After some time, we all gathered and walked to a nearby pizza spot for an early dinner because we would be waking up very early for our flight to the Galapagos. We all fell asleep with ease and awaited the journey to the place we had all been looking forward to.