Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

The cluster of hammocks began to sway as the brisk wind blew. The intense sun rose from the beautiful green mountains peacefully waking us from our deep sleep. We cleaned up are sleeping space and immediately proceeded to prepare our simple, yet delicious cereal buffet. After downing an absolutely absurd amount of food, we packed our bags for the long day ahead. The anchors were lifted from the soft white sand, and we then headed to Spanishtown where we moored and dinghied to shore. After a quick walk through a few side streets, we had arrived back at the Valley Day School. All of the Rebuilding Island Life students instantly got to work on the several projects that remained from yesterday.

From completing the Greenhouse Barn, fixing the garden set up, to building monkey bars for the children, everyone was focused and determined to finish the task that was assigned to them making for enormous progress. As the day grew shorter, several of us were selected to go work at Little Rainbow, a small public school only a few minutes away. Once we arrived, the 6 of us split into two groups and worked on both finishing the greenhouse barn and putting in the posts for the compost shade structure. Felipe, Blake, and I mixed the gravel, sand, cement mix, and water creating an incredibly sophisticated and perfect cement paste. Well, not really. The cement spilled everywhere, and the water was extremely hard to manage. However, we somehow after quite a long time we’re able to secure all four post into the tough, dirt ground. We then headed back to the Valley Day School to rejoin with the rest of the crew and walk back to our boats. Our phones were passed out for the first time, and many of us were able to contact our friends and family. All of us then walked into town in hopes of discovering a perfect place to enjoy lunch. Many of us also brought back a “boatload” of snacks back for the remainder of the trip. As our boat departed the dock, we all were instructed to shower only using Hibiclens, an odd red-colored bacteria-killing soap. Even though we weren’t allowed to use our personal body and hair products, we were at least glad to have the chance to actually shower in the bathroom, instead of the ocean showers we’re used to. Lastly, we sat to enjoy a well-deserved dinner consisting of beef stroganoff, a fresh salad, and garlic bread. The beautiful sunset over the dreary clouds and turquoise waters made for a perfect end to our day.