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Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island


This  morning I woke up to the feeling of cold air conditioning blowing out of the  vents since we were docked in Rhode Town and had a different power source. After breakfast we loaded up the dinghies and went to VISAR(Virgin Islands  Search and Rescue) to do our community service activity for the day. When we  got there, we met with Niguel, one of the head medics and had an introduction  on VISAR and the work they do. It is an all volunteer, non profit that’s  motive is to keep the people on the Virgin Island waters safe. After we asked  our questions, we went outside and began painting two ginormous containers, a  bright orange color that had been starting to rust. We also painted, cleaned  up and weeded around the outside of the building. After lunch we did the  final touches and went back to the boat. Showers on shore were next. It was a  race to see who could get to the showers first to have the most water  pressure which Bailee and me won. We then had a surprise of pizza and ice  cream from Bz and Alex, which we munched on while we set sail to Great Harbor,  Peter Island to have the second surprise of the night. That surprise was  getting to go on VISAR’s dinghy, which gets up to 46 knots. After that we made  bracelets and anklets made of cortege to represent our Lifeworks  experience.