Location: BVI

We awoke to soft music and eagerly went to the whiteboard where the itinerary was posted. We were all excited to see that we were going to be getting some shore time in West End for shopping and phone time. Before we got to enjoy the shore time, we received our exit Covid tests. We patiently waited on Dallas Blonde for the staff onshore to give us the ok to dock. We docked and walked into the testing clinic. The test was a brain tickler, and everyone wanted to watch the person in front of them to see their reactions. Afterward, we were given our phones and split up into groups to explore West End. We enjoyed having delicious smoothies, sandwiches, and coffee at Omar’s Coffee house, bought beautiful clothes at Arawak, and purchased snacks at the grocery store. Many of us, including myself, called home. Rafa, Ellie, Jake, and Reese communicated with goats at the top of the island, where they discovered a goat farm. We had about three hours to have our phones and explore. We then motored over to Sandy Spit, a tiny sandbar with 2 palm trees, and enjoyed our saltwater showers. Then once our summertime Thanksgiving dinner was served, it was time for cards night. We all wrote 17 cards for each individual person on the boat, including 2 extra cards: one for our future selves and another for the GoBeyond office. This was a very serious and quiet time for everyone as we worked through the night. Overall it was a very eventful and sad day as it was our last day of adventure!